Attain Your Personal & Professional Goals With Ease

Do you have a passion for growth and personal development? Are you ready to pursue your professional goals? Then TOTRA Academy is the place to be. With our team of highly skilled professionals and industry leaders across diverse sectors of the economy, we offer you the right support and numerous opportunities to help you unlock your goals and attain your full potential.

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Give Your Business Ideas/Ambition A Boost

Are you a business owner with a desire to give your business a competitive edge? Or are you thinking of cutting your teeth in entrepreneurship? At TOTR, we help you turn your dreams into reality. Our team of corporate experts and entrepreneurs is ready to give you the right training and mentoring to position your business and your workforce for international best practices in a global space.  

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Make A Difference! Partner With Us

Do you have a desire for change? Have you ever wondered what you can do to position the next generation for leadership and societal turnaround? At TOTR, we are committed to funding youths at the survival stage to success and significance through training, coaching and mentoring. You can partner with us by deploying your resources – finances, skills, experiences and expertise, for a more vibrant Nigerian youth population and a more equitable society.

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Our What

What we are all about

TOTR Academy

ToTRA is a social media platform that connects you to super mentors, skilled coaches and trainers offering easy to digest and effective advisory to set and attain personal/Business Development Plans for navigating emerging market complexities.

ToTRA membership is flexible to accommodate all youth while offering local faith-based clubs as a hybrid support community for those seeking advisory, funding and, volunteer and job opportunities to move from survival to success and significance in an ethics-based ecosystem.

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Funds Talent Managers is a platform that seeks opportunities to harness resources together (financial and non-financial) with similar goals of supporting charitable organizations and supporting initiatives with growth potential.  

This will be a fund of funds by forging initiatives and partnerships with TOTR Academy where these initiatives are tested and refined for purposeful ventures. Where funds are needed, 3 Funds will then provide necessary funding for the initiatives.

1. Grace & Glory Fund            
This fund will offer an opportunity for general partners to contribute to the project and it will be for limited partners who will not be in day-to-day running. The purpose will be to support seed and growth stage companies and it is projected for a tenor of 10 years maximum.
2. Goodness & Mercy
This is a charitable fund. This will be funds of funds and returns will be used for social impact. Select NGOs that fit the model and train them through the academy.
3. Sinking Fund
This will be the initial investment fund that will form the basic fund needed to propagate “Grace & Glory” and “Goodness & Mercy” funds to create credit and yield funds. This will be actively managed to ensure that the profits are used to hedge the returns. It shall manage the float from other funds and provide portfolio insurance from systemic risks.

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This project seeks to build a robust corporate governance, ethics infrastructure and compliance system for ToTR and ToTRA. The regulatory and IP implications of ToTR and its objects require a robust corporate governance system to provide stability for agility and scale for effective and efficient collaborative engagements in the light of very aspirational objectives & key results

To live out its values, ToTR and ToTRA use radical transparency and accountability concepts as a competitive advantage to achieve its vision and mission while remaining authentic to the founding values in a complex environment.

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We all have unique skills, experiences, and knowledge that we can share with others.Mentoring and training are great ways to give back to your community and make a positive impact on someone's life. By becoming a mentor or trainer, you can help someone achieve their goals, overcome challenges, and reach their full potential.

Our What

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